The Dr. Mike Caston Innovation Awards

The late Dr. Michael W. Caston founded the Escondido Education Foundation in 2004 and was recognized as California Superintendent of the Year in 2006.
EEF salutes his visionary leadership, which put the Escondido Union School District on a path to develop the kind of strong community support that every strong public school district needs to succeed.

Thousands of students and teachers benefit from the Dr. Mike Caston Innovation Awards every year.

The Foundation extends its most sincere condolences to Dr. Caston's family on his recent passing.

2013-14 Round

EEF salutes the 34 applicants from 17 schools in EUSD for submitting awesome proposals for their classrooms, teams or schools! Winners were announced publicly at the Awards Night on December 3. Click here for details. Here are photos of the evening. This exciting evening featured a business panel highlighting innovation in the 21st Century, globalized economy:
EEF Thanks the Generous Sponsors of the 2013-14 Innovation Awards Night

Baker Electric Solar, Carpet Club, DMZ Visual, Farmer’s Insurance, First Republic Bank, Go & Figure Mobile Accounting, Intertwined Bistro & Bar, Los Charros Mexican Food, Major Market, Sid’s Chicken Plus Greek Cuisine, EEF Board of Directors

Three levels of grants enable teachers and schools to deliver serious impacts for students
  • $5,000 school-wide projects
    $2,500 for team projects (2 or more teachers)
  • $500 for classroom projects (1 teacher)
The Foundation's  vision is to grow the number of grants so that eventually all EUSD schools may carry out a major innovative project especially designed for its own school community each year.

Funding for the Innovation Awards

The Foundation raises funds for this highly effective, system-changing, and high-return program with proceeds of the exciting annual campaign 50/50 Together, when EEF invites the entire community of Escondido to contribute to innovation and excellence in our public elementary district, which educates the vast majority (18,000) of our community's children.

Competitive Grants for Creative Projects
Motivate Teachers and Students to Strive

Since 2005, the Foundation has funded over 265 EUSD Innovation Awards projects more than $130,000 with dollars EEF raised through individual donations, grants and events. Applicable for any grade and any subject, grants have gone to teachers in all 23 schools over the years

2012-13 Highlight Check out Mission Middle School's winning $5,000 project, Art for All, here.

2011-12 Highlight Rose Elementary School won the $5,000 grant for a thriving program in which parents study English using Rosetta Stone software, multiple times per week. Community volunteers, moms and dads dedicate hundreds of hours with great results for Rose students and the Rose School community.

Here are some great photos from the Presentation of the
2012-13 Innovation Awards

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